DLNA and UPNP control point app for android.
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Project is Unmaintained

I don't have the time or interest to continue working on ControlDLNA. If you want to take over the project, please contact me (or just fork it).


ControlDLNA is a DLNA and UPnP control point app for your phone.

It lets you play audio and video from any DLNA or UPnP compatible server in the local network to a DLNA or UPnP renderer.

Additionally, other apps can utilize the MediaRouter API to play their media on a remote device.

Android 2.2 (Gingerbread) or higher is required.

Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

Permissions: READ_PHONE_STATE is required to pause playback on phone call. All other permissions are required for UPnP functionality. ControlDLNA does not access the internet.


To build run ./gradlew assembleDebug or ./gradlew assembleRelease. Windows users can use gradlew.bat rather than ./gradlew.


All icons are taken from AOSP.


BSD 3-Clause License