The configuration for
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This repo contains the Ansible playbook and configuration used on

Use this repo to report any technical issues with


Just run one of the following commands:

# deploy to
ansible-playbook -i test peertube.yml --ask-vault-pass
# deploy to
ansible-playbook -i prod peertube.yml --ask-vault-pass

If you want to use this configuration for your own instance, you need to fork this repo and enter your own domain in prod and in group_vars/prod.yml. You also need to change the encrypted variables in the latter file. After that, you can run the playbook to deploy your instance.

File Overview

  • peertube.yml: The Ansible playbook, configures the server and copies config files
  • files/docker-daemon.json: Configuration for Docker, to limit stored logs
  • files/local-production.json: Peertube configuration, things like custom css, about page, transcoding options, etc
  • templates/docker-compose.yml.j2: List of Docker images and their versions
  • templates/env.j2: Various environment variables
  • templates/nginx.conf.j2: Config for the nginx reverse proxy
  • templates/peertube-production.yaml.j2: Peertube config, things like ports, email server, redundancy settings, etc