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asonix 25ef3861f1 Remove more unneeded 'static 2 days ago
asonix 6ee7c5c4a0 Remove unneeded 'static 2 days ago
asonix 04dcc9a0c8 Include file extension in identifiers 2 days ago
asonix d13f7fe969 Include a few random bytes in the directory structure 2 days ago
asonix a6134999aa stable blurhash 3 days ago
asonix 16890eaa45 Just keep timestamp component of v7 for directory 3 days ago
asonix c17a8722c6 Simplify object and file path generation 3 days ago
asonix 7c6112e631 ffprobe: read from file, simplify input-file access 4 days ago
asonix 277b47af46 Fix imagemagick ffmpeg delegate, strip metadata while converting videos 4 days ago
asonix 029beef61a Merge pull request 'Add blurhash support' (#54) from asonix/blurhash into main 5 days ago
asonix b139190663 clippy 5 days ago
asonix 03bd3cbe2f Even more piping 5 days ago
asonix 13fc0df31a More piping 5 days ago
asonix 2074334131 Switch more commands to be driven via STDIN 5 days ago
asonix eabd7ea228 Delete unused functions 5 days ago
asonix ad51e6cd9f Avoid writing blurhashed images to tmp 5 days ago
asonix 0fd19a5682 Start work on blurhash 6 days ago
asonix ca13b7b30b Merge pull request 'asonix/use-bytes-stream' (#52) from asonix/use-bytes-stream into main 7 days ago
asonix 6a6c61058a Split save_stream for object storage to early-drop stack-pinned stream 1 week ago
asonix d73e683d48 Remove unused From 1 week ago
asonix 3470a6caf0 Don't start minio 1 week ago
asonix 16bf18bda4 Remove some Unpin and 'static bounds 1 week ago
asonix 227e9cc3a7 BytesReader: use built-in state tracking 1 week ago
asonix 59b03d548d Fix is_empty 1 week ago
asonix f3e455a1c3 Increase buffer size for AsyncRead -> Stream conversion 1 week ago
asonix 00a08a8bc9 Improve AyncRead impl 1 week ago
asonix de356c1f12 Remove MessageBody impl 1 week ago
asonix 3a7d5b7bfb Re-use try_from_stream where possible 1 week ago
asonix 0ebee2a07c cargo fix 1 week ago
asonix c1e651c01a Use BytesStream in more places 1 week ago
asonix c722cdd905 Copy 0.4.8 release document 1 week ago
asonix 9db5cc82f8 Add special handling for FileSize errors 1 week ago
asonix 4d2c642c79 Only check on branches 2 weeks ago
asonix 5c551221b4 Auto latest behavior 3 weeks ago
asonix 2517e3660c Remove drone 3 weeks ago
asonix fd5ce91c32 Remove rust action, use rust cache action 3 weeks ago
asonix e814cd6c20 Use custom base image for CI 3 weeks ago
asonix e7e13a41f0 Spread arguments 3 weeks ago
asonix ba5d891146 Remove quotes from vars 3 weeks ago
asonix 883261fde8 Add debug echo 3 weeks ago
asonix b227d0e4e4 Install jq (again) 3 weeks ago
asonix e40d7ef483 Split final buildx into multiple steps 3 weeks ago
asonix 290e6f6207 Shell bash 3 weeks ago
asonix 79af633980 different escapes 3 weeks ago
asonix 21c78403df bash -c 3 weeks ago
asonix a022d6e35d Use fully qualified name for many actions 3 weeks ago
asonix 4a4b0665e3 fix postbuild 2x combo 3 weeks ago
asonix 6fad68d888 fix postbuild 3 weeks ago
asonix 17d5adc3a8 Add ID to docker build step 3 weeks ago
asonix 70ce443f14 Fix chown 3 weeks ago