A javascript / typescript http and websocket client and type system for Lemmy.
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A javascript / typescript http client and type system for Lemmy.


yarn add lemmy-js-client


HTTP Client

LemmyHttp docs

import { LemmyHttp, Login } from 'lemmy-js-client';

let baseUrl = 'https://lemmy.ml';
let client: LemmyHttp = new LemmyHttp(baseUrl, headers?);
let loginForm: Login = {
  username_or_email: "my_name",
  password: "my_pass",
let jwt = await client.login(loginForm).jwt;


You can use yalc to develop and test changes locally:

yarn global add yalc

# Go to lemmy-js-client dir
yalc publish --push

# Go to your client dir
yalc add lemmy-js-client

# To do updates, go back to the lemmy-js-client dir
# This also updates it, in every dir you've added it.
yalc publish --push